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The functional lead applicant of the project BorN in Kosovo, is Trentino con il Kosovo (TcK), in the other hand, as a second applicant in Montenegro is Opstina Plav (OP) -Municipality of Plav.

Co-applicants of the BorN project are the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA), in Kosovo and Centar za regionalni razvoj Rozaje (CRR), in Montenegro.

TcK, as lead applicant, will promote the cooperation between Kosovo and Montenegro partners and stakeholders. It will coordinate the creation of the Steering Group involving its members to the first meeting and will promote the presentation of the project in Pejë/Peć and in Plav Municipalities, the production of the relative press releases and press statements.

Opstina Plav (OP), as Montenegro applicant, will participate in the creation of the Steering Committee and in all meetings scheduled. It will promote the presentation of the project in the Municipalities involved and produce the relative press releases and press statements.

ATB (Ass. Trentino con i Balcani), KEPA, CRR, Municipality of Pejë/Peć, and Municipality of Pentjica will take part in the three-montly meeting of the SG and assist the applicants and give their concrete and proactive feedback on programming and evaluation at each stage of the project.

They will participate in all the official presentation of the project. TcK and OP will be in charge of the elaboration of the Stakeholders Map in the targeted territory and TcK will be responsible for the elaboration, printing and dissemination among project partners of the relative document “Cross Border Biodiversity Stakeholders' Map” in two languages (Montenegrin and Albanian). This map will allow the identification of associations/groups potentially able to cooperate in the implementation of the activity, in the field of data collection both directly (observation) and indirectly (interviews with shepherds, farmers, foresters, hikers etc).

The locations of the actions are:

In Kosovo :


West Economic Region – Municipalities of Pejë/Peć;

Municipality of Istog/Istok; – Bjeshkët e Nemuna Natural Park;


In Montenegro:

Municipality of Petnjice; Municipality of Plav;

Municipality of Rozhaje- Prokletije Natural Park;


The relationship between TcK, OP, Co-applicants and Associates has been developing through the implementation of common activities in Kosovo and Montenegro. These activities have contributed to empower local actors (institution and CSOs) in the field of sustainable and nature tourism in Kosovo and Montenegro and in the field of promotion of local development.


All the local Partners will be actively involved in the project. In particular the roles of Project partners and Associates will be:


Trentino con il Kosovo (TcK), lead applicant KS. It is a non-governmental organization established in Kosovo, active in promotion of local development, integration of marginalized groups and local democracy since 1999 in Western Kosovo. As lead applicant, it will have the overall coordination of the activities and the other initiatives for the entire duration of the project (and will share data and information with the Technical Cross-Border Office when needed). Its long professional experience in the area may facilitate the activation of synergies within the country. It will also provide the headquarter office structure, the Project Manager and the financial administrator for the entire duration of the project.


Opstina Plav (OP), applicant MNE. The Municipality of Plav is strictly connected to the Prokletije National Park. In past years, the Municipality supported projects of environmental protection and sustainable development in the area. The office that manages the Park is situated in Plav.

The Prokletije National Parks are the key actors of the project. NPP, with an area of 16.630 ha, has the highest peak in Montenegro, Zla Kolata at 2.534m, 6 small glacial lakes of which especially stand out lakes Hridsko, Plavsko and Visitorsko, around 2,000 plant species (and 225 are flora endemics),140 species of butterflies which makes Prokletije the richest area in Europe for butterflies. The park refers to the municipality of Plav. It is are protected under: Law on Environment, (Official Gazette of Montenegro (OGM) 48/08), Law on Nature Protection adopted by the Parliament of Montenegro (OGM 51/08), Law on National Parks (OGM 56/09) and through National Biodiversity Strategy and the Action Plan.


Associazione Trentino con i Balcani (ATB),  affiliated to  TcK. ATB is an Italian nongovernmental organization active in the Balkan region since 1999 and in the promotion of local development and mountain tourism in Kosovo since 2001. ATB will contribute to the management of the Project and to the monitoring and evaluation of the activities through its staff, and will facilitate and coordinate the involvement of the Italian experts and good practices. ATB participated to the planning process and will share the existing EU best practices in order to facilitate the dialogue between institutions and CSOs, in line with the European integration process.


Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park, co-applicant KS. It has an area of 62.488 ha. The area’s most prominent geological feature is the spectacular 6 km-long Rugova Canyon of the Mbushtria River, which links the lowlands up to the sub-alpine area via a winding road along the river. The animal life of the parks is also characterized by wide diversity: 8 fish species, 13 species terraqueous, 10 reptile species, 178 bird species, 37 mammal’s species,129 species of butterflies. The park refers to the municipalities of Peja, Decan, Istog, Junik and Gjakove.

In Kosovo, protection of the park is mainly dealt with under law 04/L-086 on the National Park “Bjeshkët e Nemuna", law 03/L-233 on Nature Protection, law 03/L-214 on Environmental Impact Assessment, law 04/L-174 on Spatial Planning, the National Environmental Action

15 July 2015 - Annex A - BorN.doc Page 29 of 97

Plan (NEAP), the Kosovo Environmental Strategy (KES), Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity 2011 – 2020 and the Policy and Strategy Paper on Forestry Sector Development 2010 – 2020.

The two National Parks are key actors of the project since they are the national institutions entitled to promote natural heritage and biodiversity and to indicate the way to reach an optimal and sustainable use of the natural resources for the development of the territory. They are also supposed to promote the education of population and new generations on the value of biodiversity and correct use of natural resources. Centar za Regionalni Razvoj Rozaje, co-applicant MNE.


The Centar za Regionalni Razvoj Rozaje is an ONG working on regional development. It works for the purpose of regional cooperation, promotion of the region, provision of technical support to local authorities in making proposals for funding through EU accession funds. It will support the project through its technical experience (and experience in projects in the environmental field) and involving the actors that are part of its network, actors already sensitive to the process of sustainable development.


Municipality, associate. It is key stakeholder because local institutions are in the position to support the positive proceedings of the project and its long-term sustainability after its end.


Local CSOs -Local associations composed by experts and people caring about environment and biodiversity. They will be the local referents for the project and for the communities they represent; they will act at the same time as beneficiary of the proposal (to empower their own structures, to create a network, to empower their role in civil society and their skills of advocacy and dialogue with the public institutions) and as models for the involvement of new activists.


Italian best practices and experts - Albatros srl, Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, Servizio Foreste Provincia Autonoma di Trento. They will have a crucial role in the project as trainers and bridges between developing experiences of environmental protection of the project area and the EU best practices promoted within Italian Province of Trento. They will work with Kosovo and Montenegro stakeholders, sharing their experiences and cooperating in the individuation of local cross-border practices to implement for the protection of biodiversity, promotion of local development sustainable initiatives and raising awareness and activating local population on the matter.

Albatros is a leading company in the environmental field, with more than ten years of experience in wildlife and applied research. Thanks to their know-how and important environmental impact studies, they are recognized at national and international. They also vaunt notable experience in the field of teaching on nature through organization of conferences, educational programs in schools, the editorial offices of nature publications etc.


Other stakeholders of the projects will be: the target groups (members of CSOs, schools, local institutions, students); national policy makers for environmental issues.

TcK and its partners have been working within the environmental and promotion of sustainable tourism field, also due to their cooperation in the past projects.




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BorN- BORderless Nature


On the 29th of August, was held the final conference of the BorN - BORderless Nature “Biodiversity protection and development of Prokletije and Bjeshkët e Nemuna Natural Parks”, in the Center for Culture of the Municipality of Plav. In this conference were present representatives from Municipality of Plav , Director of Association Trentino con i Balcani Onlus , Mr. Maurizio Camin, experts of Albatros SRL  Mr. Michele Caldonazzi and Mr. Alessandro Marsilli, as well both of two project managers Mr. Elbert Krasniqi and Mr. Almir Sutkovic, also a large group of representatives of local authorities, non-governmental organizations from Kosovo and Montenegro.

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